Glacial Frontier — Treachery Abounds

3 min readJul 4, 2022


It was as inhospitable an environment as was possible on Dusktopia. Subzero temperatures with beating winds; ice pinnacles shaped like jagged teeth rising across the landscape like a macabre puppet show dissuading prospective adventurers from making the trek.

Beyond these natural fortifications, however, lay some of the most technologically advanced military encampments remaining in the world. The Cataclysm had torn most of the world apart, but had left the ice shelves at the top of the world generally untouched — it wasn’t long before the hardiest men made their way here to set up camp.

An unofficial ‘society’ had formed around that premise over the last few years: military clans with officers, sergeants and footsoldiers selling their services as enforcers to the Cabal — every time a small insurrection or riot against poverty came up in the Blighted Badlands, one faction or other would be dispatched to put it down with ruthless efficiency.

“Are you crazy? You want us to collectivise and rebel against the Cabal?” General Davidoff exclaimed in disbelief, staring at the two officers standing across from him.

“Sir, we’re discreetly representing Generals Whiteside and Liu. They’ve reported the same issues with payment from the Cabal — shortfalls of up to fifty per cent each time, and they just tell us to take it or leave it.” the officer responded.

“This will be treason. The Cabal still has enough nuclear weapons in their stockpile to wipe us out in one stroke.” General Davidoff responded.

“Sir, we have been quietly working on a defensive shield array that can withstand the vast majority of their payloads, and we’re able to construct deep-tunnel underground bunkers to hide while the attack is going on. If we do this right, however, our saboteurs will look to disable the majority of their missile launchers so that we can negotiate on an even standing.”

General Davidoff paused to contemplate. His position as leader of his clan was only as secure as the funding he received to send soldiers out on missions and keep them fed, and the money was running dangerously low with the Cabal withholding more and more payments.

He grimaced. Cabal bosses had become so secure in the Sky Citadel that they basically felt like they did not have to pay fair market value for services rendered planetside — the rumours were that they were diverting the money toward a space station project that would let them undertake extra-terrestrial exploration. If that ever took off… they wouldn’t even need to pay for anything here on Dusktopia, or whatever the hell was left of it.

“Looks like we might just have no choice,” General Davidoff said, absent-mindedly fingering his pistol while staring out of the shrouded glass windows at the blizzard warring outside.

“But I wouldn’t do it with those two.”

He turned around — two shots rang out — and the envoys’ bodies hit the floor.

“We’ll be doing it our own way.”




然而,在这些天然壁垒之后,隐藏着世界上技术最先进的军事基地。大灾变肆虐摧毁了地球大部分地区,但极北之地的冰川却几乎没有受到任何影响 — 没过多久,最坚韧的一批幸存者就来到这里扎营了。

在过去的几年里,在强者为尊的前提下形成了一个军事社会。各个军团接受轲保的雇佣,成为他们行走在民间的执法者 — 每当荒芜之地发生小规模起义或反贫困暴动时,不同派系的军团将被派去以无情的效率镇压它。


“将军,我们的背后是怀塞德将军和刘将军。他们和柯保交易时面临同样的问题 — 每次交易的报酬都有将近50%的缺口,向他们追讨时仅得到‘不要拉倒’这四个字。”军官解释着。