6 min readJun 28, 2022

The team has been keeping a close eye on market conditions, and believe that things have stabilized to the point where we can safely launch our mint. More importantly, during the period that we have postponed the genesis mint, the team has been working round the clock to build out our utility pipeline to ensure that we will deliver a first-class value proposition to our OG minters.

For Dusktopia to take its place amongst the pantheon of great NFT projects, we believe that it should stand both as a metaverse GameFi experience and also a platform to onboard and optimize the experiences of both existing and new players in the NFT space.

As such, we are proud to announce that we will kick off our mint with a Governors’ Round of 1000 NFTs.

What is the Governors’ Round?

The Governors’ Round will be an elite tier of 1000 Dusktopia genesis land NFTs, meticulously tailored for our core and most loyal supporters, jam packed with utility and an added edge towards your Dusktopia journey. This is what holding these tier-1 Governors’ NFT land tokens will provide you:

I. Suite of NFT utility tools

Due to our close connections with many of the leading utility tools in the market, we have secured strategic partnerships with these providers and we will be offering our Governors’ Round holders early trial access to the following NFT tools:

  1. Compass Art;
  2. Coniun;
  3. NFT HUD; and
  4. SuperSea.

Each of these partners are elite service providers in the NFT space, and their tools are coveted by many within. Our Governors’ Round holders will have the option to take up the full suite of services of these tools at special (quite heavily) discounted prices.

We also have many other deals in the pipeline that are close to completion / embargoed at the moment, but we can’t wait to announce these deals for our holders post mint.

II. Alpha Integration and Education

Our Governors’ Round holders will also benefit from alpha integration within the Dusktopia platform. To this end we’ve partnered up with the team at Alya Valley, which has profound expertise in asset management, professional trading and economic forecasting. Alya Valley will be Dusktopia’s core crypto education provider; they will host regular seminars and lessons to get participants more embedded into the crypto and NFT native landscape. We have also secured limited access to Alya’s suite of trading tools, including various multi-time framed algorithms and indicators for holders to experiment with.

On top of this, we will be integrating alpha calls and services from some of our alpha group partners that we’ve previously collaborated and done AMAs with, as well as engaging community callers to provide project analysis, market analysis and general NFT related advice for our Governors.

III. Dusktopia Journey Enhancements

Apart from external utility, the Governors’ Round NFTs (being tokens 1 to 1000 in the genesis land pool of 5555 NFTs) will also have Dusktopia-native utility to reward our supporting Governors.

Accordingly, our studio has commissioned a set of five additional 1 of 1 genesis land tiles. Minters of the Governors’ Round tokens will be the only ones who will stand a chance in revealing these 1 of 1 tiles in their mint, and these will provide additional staking utility to our holders. The tokens released in the Governors’ Round will also generally benefit from additional staking multipliers unique to only these tokens.

Furthermore, holders of these Governors’ NFTs will have confirmed access to all future Dusktopia ecosystem releases that we’ve detailed in our original White Paper. Additionally, due to our strong connections with founders in the space, as well as our top-tier collabs team, we’ve been able to collaborate with many up and coming projects in the space and will continue to do so. Governors will hence be able to enjoy prioritized access to the abundant flow of whitelists provided by the multitude of projects we collaborate with in future.

IV. Founders’ Community

We consider our Governors to be the lynchpin of Dusktopia’s nascent and rebuilding society. As such, we are laser focused on ensuring that these holders are satisfied with the rate and pace of growth in our ecosystem — to demonstrate this, we intend to keep a direct line open between our Governors, Dusktopia’s project team as well as other key founders and players in the NFT space, through an exclusive Governors’ channel in Discord. You may have seen that some prominent founders have already been onboarded into our Discord, and we are also working to continually onboard other leaders and founders into our Governors’ private group: this will allow for the free and expeditious sharing of alpha, groundbreaking ideas and other key support measures.

Why have a Governors’ Round?

We had many extensive rounds of internal deliberation as well as consultations with various founders and advisors. The general sentiment is this: whilst we think our community would agree that market conditions have recovered from the worst, there is also an acute need for us to be sensitive to the needs and stresses of our community.

Thus, for the long term sustainability of Dusktopia and in the interests of onboarding as many unique members into our ecosystem as possible, we concluded that it would be more beneficial for all parties to drop the mint in phases. This will allow us to immediately start providing actual tangible value to our core supporters, while at the same time catering to other community supporters who (for various reasons) need a bit more time: they can then join Dusktopia in the subsequent minting round.

The Governors’ Round will hence be “Phase 1” — and this round aims to bring on board community members that are hyper committed to us, as well as certain key partners from the broader ecosystem that are keen to stay with us for the long haul. This would form a strong core foundation for the rest of Dusktopia to be built upon.

Mint Information

The 1,000 NFTs in the Governors’ Round will be available for sale to Dusklisted members of our community at a price point of 0.15 ETH + gas fees, and will take place at 10am ET / 7am PST / 2pm UTC / 10pm SGT on 7 July 2022. It will be 1 mint per wallet, and the minting window will be 5 hours long.

The main Dusklist mint will happen at a staggered time after the Governors’ Round has minted out. The remaining 4,500 NFTs will be up for grabs at a predetermined lower price point. More details on this will be provided separately.

Fret not, despite the sweet suite of benefits proffered to our Governors’ Round minters, all other Dusktopia genesis landholders minting at this main tier will still be receiving and can look forward to all the utility rewards that we’ve mapped out over the last two months — a permanent (and limited) spot in our metaverse yielding $DAWN for you to deploy on a variety of in-universe and external benefits.


We’re very excited to be bringing our community this Governors’ Round that we’ve worked tirelessly on for the past few weeks to structure. We are confident that all our prospective Governors will be able to harvest the benefits from the utility suite we have on offer.

This Governors’ Round truly allows us to build towards what has always been our Dusktopian vision — to create an expansive and immersive metaversal ecosystem which we believe will be the future of all NFTs, while at the same time serving as a one-stop shop for all NFT enthusiasts of differing experience levels to come together and thrive on their Web3 journey.

From Dusk to Dawn.