Sky Citadel — Who Doesn’t Love Power?

2 min readJul 6, 2022



Glittering skyscrapers dotted the aerial cityscape, an unsubtle illustration of the opulence available to denizens of the Sky Citadel.

Even within this already-rarified air, there was hierarchy — the Plutus district was the most exclusive of all, being home to some of the Cabal’s most elite members. Bankers, lawyers, politicians… only those with the most clout could reside within the luxury apartment complexes here.

Inside one of these buildings, six men in black robes convened across a perfectly spherical table. This was the Inner Circle: a small group that ruled not only Dusktopia below, but the Sky Citadel itself. A giant hologram of the world rotated slowly, highlighting potential spots for both profit and trouble.

A sniper took aim from the building opposite. From this distance, his calibre of bullet wouldn’t be able to take out any of the members at the meeting, but it would force a massive evacuation effort. During the ensuing chaos, the plan was for his clan to establish their power base while the ruling members were in hiding.

The Inner Circle had been in power for far too long. In that time, they’d cut deals that impacted the fate of the world; but more importantly those deals enriched them so much more than anyone else in the Citadel, and the Deathwing clan — who had been outside the Cabal for so long — was determined to reverse that balance in their favor.

The sniper steeled himself, and took aim. A single crack split the air, and the glass on the skyscraper shattered. Alarms rang out across the district as police activated themselves, and the city turned into a hive of activity as people ran around in panic.

From a neighboring district, a group of men watched the unfolding chaos with grim satisfaction.

“It’s time for us to move. The Emergency Protocol will be in effect for at least 72 hours, and the key members of the Inner Circle will be stranded in a bunker for that time, and we have express intelligence as to where their stand-ins will be. We’ll take them hostage and force them to reveal the bunker’s location, and we’ll be halfway toward a full takeover,” one of the men remarked.

This was a pivotal time in the Cabal’s history. There were threats to their supremacy everywhere — from the disgruntled inhabitants down on Dusktopia itself, and from within its own ranks. To all that were there, however, the question was not whether they would survive: but how much blood would be needed for it.





即使在这片已经稀薄的空气中,也存在着阶级 — 普卢图斯区是最高大上的,是柯保核心成员的家园。银行家、律师、政治家……只有那些最有影响力的人才可以居住在这里的豪华公寓。

某栋建筑里,六名黑袍男子围坐在一张完美的球形桌子上。这就是柯心 — 这个小团体不仅统治着下面的夜幕城邦,更统治着凌空城堡自身。一个巨大的全息世界地图缓慢地旋转着,显示着一个个潜在的利润和麻烦点。


柯心掌权的时间太长了。期间,他们完成了不少影响世界命运的交易;更重要的是,从这些交易得到的利益让他们凌驾于所有人之上,而德文氏族 — 他们已经离开了柯保的核心很长一段时间 — 决心扭转这种局面,从中牟利。