The White Paper

12 min readApr 11, 2022


Dusktopia is a cyberpunk world-building faction game, built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Players acquire lands, properties and in-game avatars to grow their strength and influence, earning Dusktopia’s in-game utility token, $DAWN, in the process.

The Dusktopia metaverse comprises three main sets of NFTs:

  • Genesis collection: 5,555 land plots in 4 main ‘zones’
  • Properties collection: in-game properties claimable by $DAWN
  • Avatar collection: 9,999 PFPs

The Dusktopia game rewards holders for acquiring and collecting multiple plots of lands, properties and avatars through $DAWN. $DAWN can be used to exchange for new classes of assets dropped over the game’s lifetime — for example, the team is planning a limited land claim contemplated for original holders after the Genesis collection’s launch and reveal. The Properties collection will predominantly be claimed with $DAWN.

Dusktopia is where metaverse enthusiasts converge to build their power bases.


Dusktopia is set in a version of Earth in the year 2157.

Deep class divisions have formed as a result of overpopulation and resource scarcity. Each country has been preparing for the worst case scenario in their own ways — from stockpiling food and water to building weapons and steeling for war — governments have never been more disunited and unable to muster a collective response.

In the shadows, a group of aristocrats and financiers known only as the Cabal have been developing their own nefarious plan for the world’s future. Through its main entity, the EON Corporation, the group controls most of the world’s key resource and financial hubs through a complicated maze of companies that it owns.

The Cabal has decided that the only acceptable version of the future is one in which it is the apex predator, with the majority of humanity wiped out so no threats can be mounted against its rule.

Despite all of its money and influence, however, the Cabal did not possess the military might necessary to carry out a direct campaign of genocide. A large scale nuclear attack would be the most straightforward way to achieve its aims, and so the Cabal commissioned a group of researchers and scientists to develop a renewable energy source to power the world’s needs without having to cannibalize more natural resources — this was a pretext, and the Cabal had every intention of converting that power into highly destructive weapons.

At the same time, the group secretly constructed cities high above cloud cover and hidden from public view — from there, it would rule in comfort over the ruined remains of humanity.

The scientists did their duty. They harnessed fusion power from deep within the planet’s crust and synthesized it into a radioactive material named Aurium, which it expected to mass-produce and distribute to the planet’s citizens.

However, the Cabal’s assassins kidnapped or killed the project’s top scientists and took control of the Aurium labs, loading the toxic material into specialized missiles and launching them at the world’s major countries.

80% of Earth’s population was wiped out in this attack, with the survivors scattering to inhospitable ruins to hide from the Cabal’s complete dominance, and start rebuilding their shattered societies.

This is where the Dusktopia game begins, with four main ‘zones’ making up the new world.

Right at the bottom is the nuclear-ravaged Blighted Badlands territories, where the EON Corporation maintains a large Aurium harvesting industrial presence, mafia gangs battle for territory and the downtrodden make their way with whatever work they can get from anyone who’s willing to pay a dollar.

2500 NFT land plots are available for minting in this zone: get anything from a mafia-controlled gambling den, an EON chemical plant to a common man’s pawn shop or a strip club.

On the other side of the globe is the Glacial Frontier, where the majority of the world’s remaining warriors reside, selling their mercenary services to the highest bidder. Former military men roam the land in a loose alliance with the Cabal; when not sent out to put down strikes and insurrections, they train in special forces tactics and develop experimental weapons for more cruel warfare.

1666 NFT land plots are available for minting in this zone: get anything from a training academy or POW camp to a weapons lab or medical facility.

Deep within the hinterlands is the Sundered Grove, where the world’s remaining researchers and scientists have gone into hiding, paying penance for their contributions to the nuclear winter. They now serve their lives’ true purpose — developing a sustainable and renewable energy source, and pray for forgiveness from Gaia the Earth Mother.

834 NFT land plots are available for minting in this zone: get assets ranging from a hydroelectric power generator to a Pangaen temple.

Above it all sits the Sky Citadel, where the Cabal resides in their glittering aerial metropolises. This is where governance happens with an iron fist and decisions about the fate of the world are made. Asympathetic and ignorant to the struggle and strife outside of the Sky Citadel, the Cabal live their lives in excess and decadence, unjustly enriched by the fruits of their Dusktopian subjects’ labour.

555 NFT land plots are available for minting in this zone, and these are the rarest of the lot. Traits are top secret and will not be previewed until the reveal stage post-mint.

Collect more assets, $DAWN tokens, and build out your empire in this new world: where all is for the taking. From Dusk to Dawn.


There will be a limited supply of 5,555 genesis Dusktopia lands, divided into four main land themes.

Blighted Badlands — 2500 lands

Glacial Frontier — 1666 lands

Sundered Grove — 834 lands

Sky Citadel — 555 lands

Each Dusktopia NFT will represent a plot of land in the Dusktopia metaverse, with each NFT algorithmically generated and containing a mixture of traits, which differ in rarity. A standard plot of land will be a 2x1 grid, with such a plot containing two major traits. Rare plots of land will be a 4x1 grid, with these plots guaranteed at least 1 uncommon or rare trait.

Players will be able to stake their NFTs to start yielding $DAWN tokens. The Dusktopia development team is planning a drop of a set of secret lands after the original mint, and players will be able to claim these using $DAWN.

Your NFTs will also be available to trade on secondary markets like OpenSea, with each transaction incurring a royalty fee, in addition to any service fees payable to the secondary market. Royalties will predominantly be re-invested into the treasury for development purposes.

We will start by launching a Governors’ Round of 1,000 NFTs for our most hardcore supporters, jam-packed with utility. More details on the Governors’ Round can be found here:


$DAWN is the native utility token for the Dusktopia game. Players will be able to stake their Dusktopia NFT assets to yield $DAWN, which will be tradeable for future drops ranging from accessories to 1:1 avatars, as well as other purchasable in-game content and bonuses. As far as Dusktopia’s team is concerned, the only purpose $DAWN serves is for in-game utility.

$DAWN will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain, and the team does not plan to pre-allocate any $DAWN (whether to itself or to the treasury). $DAWN is for the community.

The Dusktopia team will not provide liquidity for $DAWN. However we anticipate that, as is common practice, certain community members may elect to provide their own liquidity on DEXs. As the Dusktopia team have not preallocated any $DAWN to themselves or the treasury, the only source of $DAWN emissions will be from the EON Corporation’s Superbank, to be generated on the basis of NFT staking.

$DAWN generation rates are calculated primarily based on the rarity of the traits on the plot that they are placed on. For example, a 2x1 plot with 2 common traits will generate the base rate of $DAWN, with this rate progressively increasing on the basis of (i) the rarity of traits; and (ii) the number (i.e. a 4x1 plot will automatically generate more $DAWN than a 2x1 plot).

Importantly, the $DAWN yield may also be further enhanced depending on the number (and rarity) of avatars each player stakes in the future. In line with real world economics, we also plan to introduce gamification elements where players can take advantage of various synergies to further enhance their $DAWN yield. We want to create an ecosystem that is as close to real life economics as possible.

To illustrate (with figures for reference only), a standard 2x1 plot in Badlands containing a food truck (common, 1 $DAWN/day) and pawnshop (common, 1 $DAWN/day) will generate 2 $DAWN per day, with no size multiplier.

In comparison, a 4x1 plot containing the Badlands Mafia headquarters (ultra rare, 5 $DAWN/day), 2 gambling dens (uncommon, 3 $DAWN/day) and 1 bar (common, 1 $DAWN/day) will generate a total of 12 $DAWN per day as a baseline. The 4-tile plot also confers a 1.2x $DAWN generation multiplier, which means 14.4 $DAWN are generated daily. This will give its owner significant in-game advantages in terms of purchasing power.

As a further illustration, a common bar tile yielding 1 $DAWN/day, when combined with 3 other bar or F&B/retail tiles within the same sub-zone will generate economies of scale within that subzone and will invite a multiplier on the yield as well. So for instance, owning 4 common F&B/retail subzone tiles will yield more than the base rate of 4 x 1 $DAWN/day due to an economies of scale yield multiplier.

This invites enhanced gamification past the standard meta of buying high yield assets for staking purposes as it encourages and enhances value for lower yielding tiles for players aiming to maximise the economies of scale multiplier. More information will be provided on this soon.

Of the 5,555 NFTs available for mint, there will be 1111 4x1 plots and 4444 2x1 plots. The Dusktopia team fully intends for there to be a continual stream of opportunities for owners to upgrade their plots — just as one example, the team will be continually releasing special drops of original accessories and in-game assets.

The algorithmic generator will assign traits from a pool of close to 200 traits, spread across 4 land zones.


JULY 2022

  • Release of Governors’ Round genesis lands
  • Release of remaining standard genesis lands
  • NFT listing on secondary marketplaces (Opensea, Rarible, LooksRare, X2Y2 etc)
  • Reveal of all genesis lands


  • NFT staking and $DAWN generation begins
  • Drop of 1,111 extension lands collection — claimable using $DAWN

3Q-4Q 2022

  • Release of Dusktopia properties collection with claim functionality
  • Dusktopia alpha game launch

4Q 2022–1Q 2023

  • Release of 9,999 Dusktopia avatars
  • Virtual 3D/VR properties simulator

1Q 2023

Dusktopia beta game launch


Dusktopia is envisioned to be a metaverse strategy game in which players collect and trade in-game assets — ranging from lands and properties to accessories and avatars to grow their power bases and earn the $DAWN utility token.

In Chapter One (5,555 lands release), the only source of $DAWN generation is through staking NFTs with the EON Corporation Superbank. As such, there is huge incentive to strategically acquire land combinations that give them the best $DAWN multiplier — a player who owns multiple plots within a given sub-zone will be able to generate more $DAWN daily, and can later exchange $DAWN for exclusive accessories, whitelist slots for future mints and even properties in Chapter Two.

Chapter Two (properties release) will see gameplay taken up a notch. Players who own properties and lands in the same collection will be granted a higher $DAWN generation rate. In contrast, players who simply own properties (but not land), will only be entitled to ‘rent’ the property out for a lower $DAWN generation rate. More information will be provided on these tokenomics as we go along.

The Dusktopia team plans to build out further utility for the properties — in the medium term, we aim to have a fully interactive experience in which players can customize their properties with in-game accessories and even feature their own non-native NFTs.

In Chapter Three, in-game roles will be introduced through the launch of avatar NFTs. Much like in the real world, each avatar will play a specific role in Dusktopia, and each will generate $DAWN at varying rates based on these roles. Grind your way up to the top, fight to preserve your position, form a coalition of mobsters at the grassroots; there are plenty of strategies to explore. The aim is to generate as much $DAWN as possible, which can then be further utilised to improve and perfect the assortment of assets that you own.

Finally, the Dusktopia team is aiming to develop and release the full-fledged metaverse game in 2023. The game will give new meaning to the genesis lands collection from Chapter One. We envision players entering and engaging with each trait in a nuanced, textured and sophisticated way — from buying food at bazaars and food trucks for in-game nourishment to rolling the dice at a pachinko parlor for additional $DAWN — each set of lands will be interactive and integral to the flow of the game.

We are building Dusktopia for the strategy roleplay gaming and NFT communities all over the world. This is where you build your own story: stand as king or queen of the hill and rule the world around you with an iron fist, or form a mafia coalition ruling the underworld.

From Dusk to Dawn.


Mint Proceeds

· 20% Treasury and Rewards

· 20% Development

· 20% Team

· 10% Marketing

· 10% Operations

· 10% Salaries

· 5% Advisors

· 5% Community Upkeep

Founder Payments From Mint

Additionally, the founders will take their payments from mint over the course of four months in a ‘vesting’ schedule. The team has decided on this format to provide assurances to the community that it believes strongly in the long-term sustainable future of the project, and we have every incentive to support, build and grow it well beyond mint.

The founders will not take payments upon mint — instead, each founder will take the first half of their proceeds two months after mint out, and the other half four months after mint out.

If the project fails to mint out within one month, the team will begin the schedule of payment at that point based on the split laid out above.


@jaypegsonly — corporate tardfi lawyer at a leading global law firm and full-time NFT degen. Leads community and ecosystem building / partnerships.

@0xSuperPotato — onetime courtroom litigator, now full-time crypto wizard. Leads Dusktopia world-building and gamification strategy.

@MadKing3126 — former TradFi B-school Chad, now full-time DeFi and Web3 degen. Bought ETH at $80. Leads all things design.


The information set out in the White Paper thus far is not intended to be exhaustive, and does not impliedly or expressly indicate any existence of a contractual relationship. The Dusktopia team endeavors to ensure that any and all material in the White Paper is accurate and up to date, but said material is not to be considered provision of professional or financial advice.

Dusktopia and its team does not guarantee, and consequently does not accept any legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any material set out in this White Paper.

Players and potential NFT minters / holders should seek appropriate and independent advice from a financial adviser prior to entering into any commitment or transaction relating to the Dusktopia project, as the material published in this White Paper is purely for reference and illustrative purposes alone.

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The Roadmap / Gameplan section is also subject to change. Dusktopia and its team are not bound by any representations as to the future performance and the returns (if applicable) of its NFTs.