The White Paper — Summarized

3 min readApr 28, 2022


I. Introduction

Welcome to Dusktopia, a cyberpunk world-building game featuring three main types of NFTs — lands, properties and avatars.

All NFTs can be staked to yield $DAWN, Dusktopia’s in-game utility token. Players can use $DAWN to claim new classes of assets over time, while upgrading their existing assets.

Strategy is critical to succeed in Dusktopia: while the $DAWN generation rate for different NFTs depends on the rarity of the traits on it, players will have numerous opportunities to acquire NFTs that are synergized and allow them to scale up over time.

Dusktopia is about empire building in the metaverse.

II. Storyline

Dusktopia is set in a version of Earth in 2157.

The game’s antagonists are a group of elites called the Cabal, who rule over the world from their Sky Citadel after having launched a large-scale nuclear attack against the rest of the population.

The scientist class has scattered to forested territories called the Sundered Grove, where they work on sustainable energy and dedicate themselves to religion. Warriors and soldiers train and build weapons in the inhospitable Glacial Frontier, where they also plot a final overthrow of the Cabal’s rule.

Finally, the remaining survivors look to rebuild society in the nuclear-ravaged Blighted Badlands, where heavy industry and a huge mafia presence coexist alongside the downtrodden just trying to make a living.

III. Utility and Tokenomics

5,555 genesis land NFTs in Dusktopia will be available for minting.

Each NFT will represent a land plot in the Dusktopia metaverse, with each plot containing a minimum of two different ‘traits’ (with each trait differing in rarity). A small proportion of the NFTs will also boast four traits. The algorithmic generator will assign traits from a pool of ~200 across the 4 different land zones from the Blighted Badlands to the rarest in the Sky Citadel.

Players can stake their NFTs to earn $DAWN, which can be traded for future NFT drops. The team will not pre-allocate any $DAWN to itself or to the project’s treasury; neither will it provide liquidity for $DAWN on DEXs.

$DAWN generation has a highly strategic aspect — players can boost their collection’s $DAWN yield by acquiring other land plots (and later properties / avatars) that have synergy with their existing assets. Just as one example, players can acquire multiple land plots within the industrial sub-zone in the Blighted Badlands for a multiplier on their $DAWN generation rate. A multitude of combination opportunities will be available in every Dusktopia territory.

IV. Roadmap

May 2022

· Release of 5,555 genesis lands collections / listing on secondary marketplaces

June 2022

· NFT staking + $DAWN generation begins

· Drop of 1,111 extension lands collection — claimable using $DAWN

3Q 2022

· Release of Dusktopia properties collection with claim functionality

· Dusktopia alpha game launch

4Q 2022

· Release of 9,999 Dusktopia avatars

· Virtual 3D/VR properties simulator

4Q 2022 / 1Q 2023

· Dusktopia beta game launch

V. Treasury Allocation

Mint Proceeds

· Treasury and Rewards — 20%

· Development — 20%

· Team — 20%

· Marketing — 10%

· Operations — 10%

· Salaries — 10%

· Advisors — 5%

· Community Upkeep — 5%

VI. Team

@jaypegsonly — corporate tardfi lawyer at a leading global law firm and full-time NFT degen. Leads community and ecosystem building / partnerships.

@0xSuperPotato — onetime courtroom litigator, now full-time crypto wizard. Leads Dusktopia world-building and gamification strategy.

@MadKing3126 — former TradFi B-school Chad, now full-time DeFi and Web3 degen. Bought ETH at $80. Leads all things design.

@ItsCuzzo (Alan) — The brains behind the smart contracts in the world of Dusktopia. Interested in Web3 security, gas optimisation and smart contract development. Alan previously worked with other large NFT projects and currently holds auditing and development advisory roles with various projects.

VII. Legal Stuff

Not financial advice, not contractually binding, do your own research. We do everything we can to make sure that everything here is up to date and accurate, but things can change and update based on market conditions and other demand-related factors. Nothing in the Dusktopia project is intended to constitute a security, and the White Paper and its summary is for informational purposes only. Please refer to the full disclaimer found in the long-form White Paper.